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Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies

Lupe [1]

The Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies (fokum) examines market conditions and mechanisms of art production, trade and reception from its beginnings to the present day, particularly since the beginning of the modern age. It links the activities of various institutions and scholars in the thematic field of the art market.

Management & Coordination

Lupe [2]

The Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies is based on an idea of Dorothee Wimmer, and was founded by her together with Bénédicte Savoy and Johannes Nathan in 2012.


  • Dr. Dorothee Wimmer [3]

Founding members

  • Dr. Dorothee Wimmer [4]
  • Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy [5]
  • Dr. Johannes Nathan [6]


When art is traded for money the world is mesmerized by record prices – but also suspicious of the processes by which these are obtained. Strangely, however, the art market has rarely been the subject of sustained research.

The Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies (fokum), founded in 2012 at TU Berlin [7], regularly presents lectures [8], research and publication projects [9], as well as international workshops und conferences [10] in order to discuss and deepen current research on the art market and its relations to other aspects of the art world.

The Journal for Art Market Studies [11], a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies, will lend further international visibility to these activities.

Additionally, the Network for Young Scholars [12] sustains the communication among young researchers in the field of a long-term cultural history of the art market, supporting particularly the development of innovative methods for exploring the relationship between artworks as art historical objects and their cultural and financial economy.


The programme for the winter term 2020/2021 is online!

Lupe [13]

Mela Dávila Freire, M.A., Hamburg/Barcelona, Dr. Alexia Pooth, Potsdam/Berlin 
documenta Ost/West: Kunstpolitik und Kunstmark

Lynn Catterson, Ph.D., New York/Florenz
Stefano Bardini and the Manufacture of Authenticity

Prof. Dr. Aya Soika, Berlin, Dr. Bernhard Fulda, Cambridge
Emil Nolde und der Kunstmarkt

Programm: https://fokum.org/en/aktuelles-vortragsprogramm/ [14]

Latest Issue: Journal for Art Markt Studies (JAMS)

Lupe [15]

Asian Art: The Formation of Collections
Volume 4, Number 2, 2020

Guest Editors:
Alexander Hofmann, Christine Howald, Nick Pearce

Link: https://fokum-jams.org/index.php/jams/issue/view/13 [16]

Ninth Issue: Journal for Art Market Studies (JAMS)

Lupe [17]

Africa: Trade, Traffic and Collections
Volume 4, Number 1, 2020

Guest Editor: 
Felicity Bodenstein, Sorbonne Université, Paris

Link: https://fokum-jams.org/index.php/jams/issue/view/12 [18]


Lupe [19]

Dr. Ute Haug, Hamburg

Deutsche Kunstmuseen als Akteure im Kunsthandel: „Vergangene Werke“ der Hamburger Kunsthalle – ein Werkstatt-Bericht

https://youtu.be/Va6Yu7jPQpg [20]
more [21]

Lupe [22]

Dr. Dorothee Wimmer, Berlin

Kunstpropaganda und Marktmacht: Rembrandt im Nationalsozialismus

https://youtu.be/Va6Yu7jPQpg [23]
more [24]

Lupe [25]

Prof. Dr. Matthieu Leimgruber, Zurich

Kriegsgeschäfte, Kapital und Kunsthaus: Die Entstehung der Sammlung Bührle im historischen Kontext

https://youtu.be/HmCennz3fZA [26]
more [27]

Lupe [28]

Prof. Dr. Natasha Degen, New York

Between Crisis and Contingency: The Art Market Today and Its Post-Pandemic Future

https://youtu.be/5cYo-nV5Rvw [29]
more [30]

Lupe [31]

Prof. Dr. Nils Büttner, Stuttgart

Ein originaler Rubens? Von Expertise, Kunstmarkt und Kunstwissenschaften

https://youtu.be/hH4z1eDaOfw [32]
more [33]

Lupe [34]

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Graw, Frankfurt a. M.

Der Wert der Kunst unter veränderten Vorzeichen 

https://youtu.be/JON5sPiBKI4 [35]
more [36]

Lupe [37]

Minh An Szabó de Bucs, Berlin 

Der chinesische Kunstmarkt im 21. Jahrhundert

Link: https://youtu.be/QFWz22ZHKWI [38]

Podcast "Echt oder Fake? Das Problem mit den Kunstfälschungen

Lupe [39]

The lectures that René Allonge, Carolin Faude-Nagel and Johannes Nathan gave at the symposium "Objects on the Art Market: Original oder Fälschung – eine Frage der Expertise? [40]" are available as a podcast in the series “Hörsaal” of Deutschlandfunk Nova.

Podcast "Echt oder Fake? Das Problem mit den Kunstfälschungen" [41]

Symposium: "Objects on the Art Market: Original oder Fälschung – eine Frage der Expertise?” [42]

Lupe [43]

Date: 15/11/2019, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.; 16/11/2019, 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Venue: Technische Universität Berlin, Hybrid Lab in the Villa Bell [44], Marchstraße 8, 10578 Berlin

The symposium is a cooperation of the Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies at TU Berlin with PD Dr. Waltraud M. Bayer (FWF-project “Private Kunstmuseen und Stiftungen russischer Oligarchen“ (P31388), Vienna).

Flyer Objects on the Art Market [45]
Poster Objects on the Art Market [46]
Booklet Objects on the Art Market [47]
Podcast Wissen | rbbKultur [48]

More Information

fokum.org [49]
@fokumberlin [50]

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