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Humor in History: Satirical narratives between Europe and America, 1790-1860 (abgeschlossen)


Dr. Allison M. Stagg

Finanzierung und Projektlaufzeit

Gefördert von "IPODI - International PostDoc-Initiative" (Marie Curie Actions co-funded by the European Union), Oktober 2014-September 2016


This project considers the complex artistic relationships between European and American visual satirical print cultures in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Focusing on caricature production in European cities such as Paris, London, Rome, and Berlin, this study concentrates on issues of circulation, distributionand the transfer of textual and visual political humor.  Case studies will investigate specific caricatures published in Europe and follow their movement as they circulated to early America by examining a variety of archival documents, including letters, diaries, and period newspapers.  Additionally, this project will catalogue European caricatures that were available in America by tracking the movement of graphic satire, both in visual and textual form, from their place of production to other artistic centers in Europe before arriving in the United States.



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