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The Chair for Modern Art History researches the aesthetic, social, political and institutional constellations that have shaped the production, circulation and consumption of art since the 18th century. Artist training, the transnational history of museums, the art market, the various forms of intellectual and material appropriation of cultural property in times of peace and war: these are some of the topics being researched as part of projects or dissertations.

Research Projects


The transnational history of museums

The project is an invitation to reflect on the task and conceptual design of museums, on museum practices and on perceptions of museum culture from a transnational perspective.


Paris, capital of German Romanticism

This project is concerned with the initial aesthetic sparks that inspired a whole generation of young German intellectuals and artists in the museums and libraries of Paris in around 1800, making a contribution to the transnational history of works which can still be felt today. 


Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies
The Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies examines market conditions and mechanisms of art production, trade and reception from its beginnings to the present day, particularly since the beginning of the modern age. It links the activities of various institutions and scholars in the thematic field of the art market. 

"We Want to Go Back Home"

Leibniz Project Cluster: "translocations"

The translocations research cluster is a three-year long research project, which investigates the displacement of cultural assets from a historical perspective.


Johann David Passavant. His early letters from Paris and Rome

Letters written by and sent to the painter, art critique and writer Johann David Passavant (1787-1861) in his youth from Switzerland, Paris and Italy, are being transliterated and commented in a scholarly edition.


Humor in History (IPODI project)

This project considers the complex artistic relationships between European and American visual satirical print cultures in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. 


Paul Graupe ( 1881-1953 ). Rise, fall and exile of a successful art dealer of the Nazi era

This project is about Paul Graupe, a major art dealer in Berlin during the Thirties. 


Artists Mobility in Central and Eastern Europe

The project focuses on the exploration of artists mobility in Central and Eastern Europe between 1500 and 1900. It is used for networking and exchange between young scientists and experts in this field.



ArtTransForm investigates the forms and consequences of the mobility of young painters between France and Germany in the years 1793 to 1870, encouraging us to revise traditional notions of separate national histories of art. 


Art History for Artists

In which ways were art historical discourses produced in art academies affected by the proximity to art practice? This project studies art historical and other theoretical courses offered in art academies during the 19th century.


Artistic wanderers

The project examines the migration of artists in times of revolution and war. The focus of interest here are the causes, structures and consequences of artists of various nationalities migrating between 1789 and 1815. 


Dinosaurs in Berlin! Brachiosaurus brancai - a political, scientific and popular icon

The project examines the famous finds of the Tendaguru expedition. It focuses in particular on the functions of the Brachiosaurus brancai as a museological and popular object.


Film propaganda for Berlin’s museums. 1934-1939

This project resulted from the rediscovery of a variety of documentary films that were shot during the Nazi era in cooperation with the Berlin State Museums and shown throughout Europe.


Kurt Reutti - memories

The memories of Kurt Reutti (1900 - 1967). An editorial project.


Museum visions

Original designs from the architectural competition advertised in 1883 for the development of the Musuemsinsel in Berlin are kept at the TU Berlin’s Museum of Architecture. The aim of the project is to analyze this architectural competition in depth.


Exhibition Experiment Museology (completed)

A Research and Exhibition Project questioned the representation of Muslim cultures in a very important site for self assurance, the museum. 


Roma Lusitana e Roma Spagnola: Academies and national identities in the first half of Eighteenth-Century Rome

The project focuses on two countries, Spain and Portugal, and how they envisaged their relations with Rome during the “Primo Settecento”.



Seit 2007 beteiligt sich das Fachgebiet Kunstgeschichte der Moderne am Excellence Cluster TOPOI mit verschiedenen Projekten über die Aktualisierung des antiken Raumgefühls im 19. Jahrhundert.

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