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Research Colloquium


This research colloquium is intended primarily for PhD and master's students currently writing their theses. Bachelor's students are, however, also welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending a colloquium session, please contact us in advance.

Professors and docents at the institute advise (PhD and MA) students on an individual basis after consultation. Students interested in entering an advisory relationship should contact professor(s) in the related department(s) with an expose. Exposes should include a description of the topic, method, and timeline for the project. Click here for our institute's Guide to writing exposés (in German only).

Coordination and Contact: Robert Skwirblies.

Winter Term 2021-22 Colloquium Sessions

Sessions are currently held on zoom Cloudmeetings (please contact us for participation).

Presumably by mid-end 2022, research colloquium sessions will turn back to take place from 2 to 6 p.m, in room A 083 (here). Between presentations, the floor is open for discussion. Unless otherwise stated, sessions are held in German.

Changes reserved.

Xenia Schiemann
Delivery with an "exotic flair": East German art exports to the West (project report)

Mikael Assilkinga
(Post)colonial cultural power objects. Meanings and significances in a shared cultural heritage Cameroon/Germany 1884-1916 (PhD)

Lotte Arndt
Re-connecting “Objects”: Epistemic Plurality and Transformative Practices in and beyond Museums (projekt report)

PhD project report „‘Doing‘ provenance research: Towards the decolonization of ethnographic museums?“

Florian Dölle
Die digitale Edition von Manuskripten im Projekt "Architrave" – Einblick in die Herausforderungen des deutsch-französischen Forschungsprojekts (project report)

Freya Schwachenwald
PhD project report „Visions of the East. Art, Science and Nation Building in the works of Germanophone travelling artists in the 19th century“

Matthias Gegner
A Painted Representation of an Artist’s Collection. Contexts, Interrelations and Interpretation of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff’s Collection and Later Still Life Paintings (MA Thesis - Working Title)

Pauline Hanson
Die Menzel-Sammlung von Ludwig Ginsberg: Veräußerungen und Verbleib (project report)

Iñigo Salto-Santamaria
„Ein moralischer Gewinn“: mittelalterliche Ausstellungen der Nachkriegszeit als ein Netzwerk von Kulturgutverlagerungen zu diplomatischen Zwecken, 1945–1955 (PhD project report)

Malina Lauterbach
PhD project presentation

Simon Lindner
Research report and project presentation


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