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Museum visions



There are some original designs of the architectural competition, which was advertised in 1883, kept in the Museum of Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin.

Aim of the project seminar "Museumsvisionen" is the reconstruction of this architectural competition. Students and lecturers will explore all of the designs both on architectural and cultural-historical perspective. Some lectures of the weekly seminar sessions in the summer term 2014 were given by guest lectures, who spoke both about competions in general and about selected national and international competitions during historicism.

As part of "Museumsvisionen" there should be an analysis of the importance of the building-task "museum" in the urban context of the German Empire as well as of the strategies of staging antiquities, casts and architecture in museums at the end of the 19. century. The focus always remains on the intensive examination of the competition for the construction of the Museum Island in 1883.


The project was funded by the cluster of excellence Topoi.


Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy
Dr. Hans-Dieter Nägelke
Nikolaus Bernau


Moritz Dapper
Mei-Hau Kunzi
Merten Lagatz


Silke Albe / Elena Apelt / Moritz Dapper / Judith Dreiling / Eva Heidke / Robert Huth / Yasmin Katzer / Mei-Hau Kunzi / Merten Lagatz / Stefanie Meinke / Thekla Mellau / Valeria Parruzo / Carlo Paulus / Julia Pfannschmidt / Sanni Sonntag / Anna Strache / Kolja Thurner / Saskia Wulff



January 2015

Museumsvisionen exhibition group

Starting in January, there will be a exhibition group for the participants of Museumsvisionen who will meet fortnightly on wednesday at 10 am s.t. The meetings will take place under the guidance of Dr. Hans-Dieter Nägelke.

Venue: Museum of Architecture of the TU Berlin


December 8  2014, 8 pm

Bénédicte Savoy, Nikolaus Bernau, Hans-Dieter Nägelke, Mei-Hau Kunzi, Merten Legatz and Moritz Dapper will be presenting the project at the Berliner Kolloquium zu Bauforschung und Denkmalpflege.

Venue: TU Berlin


November 28  2014, 6 pm c.t.

Panel discussion with journalists and scientists

 A panel of German journalists will discuss the changing media landscape and the impact it is having on bringing stories about archaeology, ancient studies and the history of science to a broader public. Another topic: How researchers and journalists can work together better to communicate science.

Participants: Nikolaus Bernau (Freelance Journalist/Fellow Topoi), Bettina Mittelstraß (Deutschlandfunk), Angelika Franz (Freelance Journalist), Siebo Heinken (National Geographic), Michael Meyer (Topoi)
Moderation: Nina Diezemann (FU/Topoi).

Public event, no pre-registration necessary.

Venue: Topoi-Haus Dahlem


November 18  2014, 6 pm

Presentation of the project at the student colloquium for antiquity and reception of antiquity of the August Boeck Antikezentrum of the HU Berlin by Judith Dreiling and Mei-Hau Kunzi.

Venue: August Boeckh Antikezentrums of the HU Berlin


November 9  2014, 10 am - 5 pm

Writing workshop Museumsvisionen

During this writing workshop, under the guidance of Topoi-fellow Nikolaus Bernau, the participants of the project seminar "Museumsvisionen" will be given the opportunity to improve their textes for the accompanying book.

Venue: A 083


July 19 2014

Project day with the final presentation of the designs by the students. Present as guests were Prof. Dr. Peter-Klaus Schuster, former director general of the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Dr. Martin Maischberger, deputy director of the collection of anitques of the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Robert Zepf, director of the university library in Rostock, Dominik Krohm, architect, and Burkhard Lüdtke, head of the modelmaking studio at the TU.


June 14  2014

Excursion to Dahlem and visit to the Ethnological Museum, including a lecture of Dr. Markus Schindlbeck, custodian of the department of South Pacific and Australia at the Ethnological Museum, about the importance of the ethnological museums from both international and national perspective and about the staging of collections of around 1880.


April 5 and 6 2014

Introductory weekend with excursions to the Museum Island and their museums.

Further Readings

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