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Yann LeGall


Postdoctoral researcher

Room: A 083
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 314 24307
Email: yann.legall[at]tu-berlin.de

Research project:
The Restitution of Knowledge: artefacts as archives in the (post)colonial museum

Completed projects

2016 - 2019

Remembering the Dismembered: African Human Remains and Memory Cultures in and after Repatriation

PhD Thesis




LeGall, Yann (2020). "Songea Mbano, Maji Maji Flava, and the 'Halfway Dead' of the Majimaji War (1905-07)." Human Remains and Violence, Manchester University Press (Fall 2020). Open Access.

Kopp, Christian, Yann LeGall & Mnyaka Sururu Mboro (2021). "'Small is beautiful': Postcolonial Walking Tours as a Form of Street Justice." Everything Passes Except the Past: Decolonising Ethnographic Museum, Film Archives, and Public Spaces. Brussels & London: Goethe Institute & Sternberg Press, pp. 221-234.

Mboro, Mnyaka Sururu, Yann LeGall (2021). "Deutsch-Ostafrika - Ein Permanenter Kriegszustand." Kritik Des Deutschen Kolonialismus: Postkoloniale Sicht Auf Erinnerung Und Geschichtsvermittlung. Wolfgang Geige and Henning Melber (eds), Frankfurt a. M.: Brandes & Apsel, pp. 95-111.

--- (2016). "The Return of Human Remains to the Pacific: Resurgence of Ancestors and Emergence of Postcolonial Memory Practices." Postcolonial Justice: Reassessing the Fair Go. Edited by Gigi Adair and Anja Schwarz. Trier: WVT 2016, pp. 45-60.

Conference papers:

LeGall, Yann, Mnyaka Sururu Mboro (2021). "Re-Membering “Scattered” Pieces of Colonial History: Wachaga Ancestors at the Institute of Anatomy in Strasbourg." Colloque Anthropo-Responsabilité. Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. 29 Jan. 2021. Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTcw7PSgyY0


Lauterbach, Malina & Yann LeGall, Yann (2021). "Eine Ausstellung für die Zukunft aber welcher Zukunft für die Ausstellung? Hey Hamburg, kennst du Rudolf Duala Manga Bell in Hamburg". Boasblogs DCNtR. 12 Aug. 2021. boasblogs.org/de/dcntr/markk-duala-manga-bell/

LeGall, Yann (2020). Rezension: Greve, Anna. "Koloniales Erbe: kritische Weißseinforschung in der praktischen Museumsarbeit". Provenienz und Forschung, Deutsches Zentrum für Kulturgutverluste.

--- (2016). Rezension: Förster, Larissa & holger Stoecker. "Haut, Haar und Knochen: Koloniale Spuren in naturkundlichen Sammlungen der Universität Jena". HSozKult, 4 Nov. 2016. www.hsozkult.de/publicationreview/id/rezbuecher-26746


Non-peer-reviewed articles:

- “Aboadea nfa omo kra nsie yie”: Brandenburg-Prussian kings, enslaved Africans, and the problem with representation in the public space

- "You are welcome to Moshi": Mangi Meli's grandson visits Berlin to tell the story of German colonial violence in the Kilimanjaro region

- The Orangerie Castle in Potsdam, the Boxer movement in China and astronomical instruments

- The New Palace and the Peak of the Kilimanjaro

- Oduor Obura: "We need to find names for the busts"

- Invaders? Migrants? Refugees? The Migration Museum in Adelaide and its diverse communities

- Dada Afrika in Berlin: Dialogue comes with a price that exhibitions are rarely eager to pay

- Schädel X: The echoes of German colonial history in a skull

Research interests

Repatriation of ancestral remains
Restitution of looted art and artefacts
Colonial heritage
Memory studies
Digital humanities
Academic activism


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